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Our vision, aims, ethos

Mission Statement

Hurst Lodge aims to educate students to become responsible citizens, respect their surroundings and tread lightly on the Earth. We aim for students to become successful independent learners and gain pleasure from their environment whilst also contributing to the school and the wider community. We promote personal growth and development, helping children to achieve their goals, broaden their life chances and enrich their quality of life.

Our Vision

Hurst Lodge is a school that aspires to provide its young people with an education that prepares them for the world they will enter when they leave our nurturing environment.

The demands of the 21st Century are increasingly challenging to schools and the young people and parents served by them. The certainties of career direction and the job opportunities which existed thirty years ago have evolved into a new landscape. Whilst the pursuit of academic results alone can create highly qualified young people, we want to ensure all students can demonstrate the adaptability and resilience required in a world where creativity and innovation are the most prized assets.

The school follows the Harmony curriculum up to Year 8 where students are taught about the connection between subjects, past and present. Students begin GCSE and vocational studies from Year 9 to enable them to develop a strong basis of understanding with the additional time.

At Hurst Lodge we aspire to provide each student with the ability to attain their potential. We do this by providing students with academic and vocational pathways which will help to expand their horizons. To be clear, we expect our young people to study hard and to achieve academic results at the highest level of their capabilities, but we also encourage them to experience the widest range of educational opportunities – experiences that will develop their spirit of enquiry, stimulate their creativity, realise their individuality and help them understand the positive power of teamwork.

In short, a Hurst Lodge student will be a rounded, thoughtful person. They will be emotionally intelligent, understand when to be assertive and when to listen and, most importantly, approach the world they will be entering with delight rather than fear.

Hurst Lodge puts an emphasis on the study of the natural world, and the next thirty years will be marked by a return to innovation inspired by nature.

Our Aims

To provide a holistic approach to education, and to place learning, creativity and the building of self-worth at the centre of the school’s life. Our secure and purposeful environment enables pupils to develop as far as they are able, mentally and physically; the end goal being a confident, well-rounded individual.

The school provides a broad and balanced academic curriculum enhanced by an aesthetic and creative program of study catering for individual needs. The school aims to educate students to become responsible citizens, respect their surroundings and tread lightly on the Earth.

We aim to provide a friendly, family atmosphere, conducive to learning, where courtesy, kindness and consideration for others are fostered in all pupils. We aim for children to become successful learners, and gain pleasure from their environment whilst contributing to the school and wider community as well as achieving personal goals.

Our Ethos

In our school, individuals are valued and encouraged to have a sense of their own worth; to show consideration for others and to see learning as a lifelong pleasure. Great importance is attached to personal development through creativity, enhanced self-discipline, good manners and respect for others which are fundamental British values. During their time at Hurst Lodge, each student will be encouraged to develop these characteristics, which are important traditions of our school.

We encourage children to learn through self-expression and participation in order to make the greatest use of their abilities and to channel their creativity to achieve success socially, vocationally and academically.

We believe that all achievements and successes should be celebrated equally as this enables children to grow in confidence and self-esteem. We believe that every pupil should be given the opportunity to succeed. We delight in celebrating a wide range of different achievements.